"An electrical consultant's job is to light the way for their clients, illuminating the path to safe, efficient, and innovative solutions."
- Gerhardt Botha

Empowering your projects with cutting edge Solutions

Our experience in the global and local power sectors, our technical skills, and our excellent relationships are what set us apart from the competition.

We support the values of maintaining honest and ethical business practices and maintaining a high standard of excellence in all aspects of the business. Being innovative and adaptable to shifting market demands to meet and exceed client expectations by providing high-quality, cost-effective goods and exceptional service.

The globe is entering an era of energy shortages, and South Africa’s once plentiful electrical supplies are being depleted. ICON Electrical Service and Consulting¬† , as a responsible organization, will contribute to the preservation of the planet’s natural resources. We must contribute to leave a legacy of caring and consistency.

ICON Strenghts


The founding members have over 25 years of combined energy business expertise. They have a thorough awareness of both the domestic and international power sectors, as well as the value chain.


We have formed vital contacts with major stakeholders in the industry and potential clients as a result of our years of expertise at national and international organizations.


Our organization possesses a diverse set of technical, financial, marketing, and relationship management talents that, when combined, make us a success machine.

Solution Driven

We are a technology neutral firm, which means that, we do not specialize in only one certain function. We adopt a comprehensive approach, providing the customer with an energy management solution that includes potential finance benefits

Global Best Practice

Professional engineers and senior technical certified professionals are constantly exposing us to new and innovative energy-efficient technologies that are being implemented as best practices. This understanding guarantees that our solutions adhere to worldwide best practices.


Our technicians are all trained in accordance with SAQA standards and they keep up to date with the latest best practice standards, techniques, and technologies so that they are able to provide accurate guidance to our clients

Best advise, best quality, Best service

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