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Icon Electrical Services and Consulting is the number one choice security and surveillance installer.  Installations for security and surveillance are specialized systems used to keep out intruders from homes, businesses, and other properties. Residential, commercial, and industrial installations are included in our portfolio. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of security systems, including automated perimeter surveillance and monitoring systems as well as cameras, alarms, and access control systems. Our technicians are highly trained in all facets of security and surveillance installation, and our services are based on years of industry experience.

Products and installations


At Icon, we provide camera surveillance in accordance with client specifications.


We provide high-definition monitors to keep an eye on your property.

Remote Monitoring

Around the clock security presence , providing you with increase efficiency, cost savings and improved response times

Access Control

We supply and install state of the art biometric and electronic access technology

Perimeter Surveillance

Monitoring and securing the boundaries of your premesis

Alarm Systems

Designed to  detect and respond to potential security threats or environmental hazards

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